What Makes Us Different

Gilman Ciocia’s mission is to help average Americans lower their taxes and increase their net worth. We do this by focusing on three things:

Tax Planning vs. Tax Preparation

At Gilman Ciocia we want our clients to understand that sophisticated, comprehensive, affordable tax planning is important and accessible to everybody. We want to transform the experience of doing taxes from an unplanned, uninformed, once-a-year stressful event (tax preparation) to an activity filled with opportunities: tax saving opportunities, lifestyle opportunities, and investment opportunities (tax planning).

Your tax return should be the end result of proper financial planning.

The US income tax environment is an ever-changing animal, and from May through December all of our tax preparers and financial advisors are constantly kept up-to-date with new tax laws. We hold monthly meetings, seminars, and web training to ensure that all Gilman Ciocia clients will be able to adapt to and benefit from any potential tax changes that can affect their income taxes—before tax season arrives!

At Gilman Ciocia the basis for all tax planning is to maximize the benefit—the return. Through careful tax planning, the typical American can lower his taxes by as much as 20–25 percent per year.

Your tax return should be the end result of proper financial planning.


What makes Gilman Ciocia unique—and what we consider a key power of the personal tax team—is that we provide the accountant, the tax advisor, the lender, and the attorney all under one roof, so that clients get a coordinated approach and coordinated advice to help them make the best decisions in all areas of their financial affairs.

Unlike some tax preparation chains, every Gilman Cicoia office is open year-round, which affords our clients the opportunity to call their tax and financial advisors and ask questions as they arise, which then can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Working in one location, Gilman Ciocia professionals are able to provide a combined level of service and expertise that gives clients the best possible financial plan and truly demonstrates the power of a PERSONAL TAX TEAM.







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